April-May work schedule

Hello there,
We’re off to a really great start at our new home at ARTS After School. We have such a nice big room to work in and a cluster of rooms behind that to store our treasures in. We are so grateful to Dr Carla and the staff at ARTS for making feel so welcome. With their generous donation we can continue our mission of making and giving handmade blankets to children who just happen to be homeless and/or impoverished.

This Saturday, April 5, we’ll be at ARTS from 9 – 3
2743 Capitol Circle NE, Ste 106 (Esposito’s Shopping Center)

Our plan is to continue work on the Pre-K nap time coverlets for the PAEC Migrant Farm Worker Summer Day Care Program. If you’re planning on attending and sewing, please bring your sewing machine (only if you have a portable). Even though we do have sewing machines, it’s so much easier for someone to sit down at their own machine and begin sewing. By the way, this is just simple straight line sewing and no quilting. And if you’d rather not lug your machine along, that’s fine. You know you can use one of ours.

Also, we haven’t finished unpacking and putting our fabric away, so we’d appreciate a couple of volunteers for that please.

We’ll break for lunch from 11:30 – 12:30 and that’s when we’ll do show and tell. We’d like to see your projects, so bring them along if you’re so inclined.

Additional work dates will be:

Tuesday, April 8, 1 – 4:30
HOPE Community Cafeteria
2729 W Pensacola St

Saturday, April 19th
9 – 3
ARTS After School
same information as above

Saturday, May 3rd
ARTS After School
Please see above

Tuesday, May 13
HOPE Community

Please join us if you can. We miss you when we don’t see you.

Thanks for all you do,

We have a new home!

Feb 22,2014 - Sew for HOPE moved into our new home this weekend. We are now moved into space provided to us at ARTS Afterschool, located at 2743 Capital Circle NE in the Esposito’s shopping center. ARTS Afterschool  feels like a perfect fit. We have space to store our gear and material, space to stretch out and work on work days and we have the opportunity to work with the sewing classes at ARTS Afterschool. You can find out more about ARTS Afterschool at http://www.tallyarts.com/.


In need of a New Home again…

Bad news is — we find ourselves in need of a new home again. Through no fault of our own, we have to be out of Boys & Girls Club by the end of February.

Saturday Annette, Carol, Darlene, Judy, Linda, Sandi, and I got about half our belongings packed up. We’re planning another packing day this Tuesday 2/4/14. Sandi and I will be arriving at 9 am. If you can join us, please bring boxes. We have to get finished on that day so we won’t need yet another packing day. Although we don’t have a new home yet, our tentative moving day is Saturday, 2/22/14. On our moving day we’ll need volunteers with cars and trucks. We have shelving and tables that won’t fit in automobiles, so we’re going to need trucks too.

We’re asking that someone in the community come forward and provide a donated space so we can continue our mission of making, collecting, and donating blankets to children who are homeless and/or impoverished. I’m sure you agree with me that being warm at night is a fundamental human right. We’re donating to children because they have no control over their living circumstances.

Sew for HOPE needs a bare minimum of 500 to 600 square feet of heated and cooled space with at least a bathroom. I’ll entertain all ideas, even an unused bonus room above someone’s garage. Other suggestions are: a vacant house, retail store front, church meeting room, any unused suite in an office building. If we can’t find work space, then we’ll need a space to store our fabric and supplies while we continue to look for a new home. This could be nothing more than an unused, empty bedroom in someone’s home. Renting a mini-storage unit is out of the question at this time because we lack the funds.

At this time we are also accepting monetary donations to help us with our mission.

If you’ve been wanting to help Sew for HOPE but didn’t know how, this could be your opportunity.

Please forward this on to anyone you think may be able to help.

We’re still meeting once a month in HOPE Community Homeless Shelter cafeteria.

Our next work day there is Tuesday, 2/11/14.

1 p.m.-4:30 p.m.


Thanks for all you do,

Cynthia Seyler, Founder

Sew for HOPE

Grand Total of Donated Quilts & Blankets

 Good News — Sew for HOPE is going strong and at our January, 2014 workday at HOPE Community we donated our 1,049th blanket. Most of those blankets were handmade from donated fabric and stitched together by talented and caring volunteers. Just before Christmas, HOPE Community had a swell in the number of older kids living there and we didn’t have enough handmade blankets to fulfill the need. At that time we did purchase some soft, fuzzy blankets to give away. But in general Sew for HOPE blankets are handmade. We’re a green organization and use donated fabric that would otherwise end up in landfills.


In addition to other local organizations that occasionally receive Sew for HOPE blankets, we’ve made a commitment to give infant blankets and Pre-K nap time cover-ups to the PAEC Migrant Farm Worker Summer Childcare Program. We’ve done this the past two Summers and will continue to do so. Because I haven’t sent a newsletter in so long, some of you may not know that several times we’ve donated dozens of handmade quilts to the Midwest after tornado devastation.

Thanks for all you do,

Cynthia Seyler, Founder

Sew for HOPE

Jan 2014 meeting dates and other news

Happy New Year. I hope you and yours had a blessed Christmas and that the coming year will be filled with joy.
Thanks to: Jane Meadows, Suzy Smith, Martha Tilden, Annette Watters, St Paul’s Methodist, and Unity Church, we did receive enough blankets for the children living at HOPE Community at Christmastime. Thank you especially to those who have given their continued support throughout the year(s).
Our meeting days this month will be:
Saturdays, January 11 & 25, 2014
Boys and Girls Club
306 Laura Lee Ave
Lunch is from noon until 1:00. If you have show and tell, need advice on a personal project, or have books or magazines to share, we’ll do it during lunch. Lunch is brown bag and there is no microwave.
Tuesday, January 14, 2014
1-4:30 (we must start cleaning up at 4 and be finished by 4:30 so they can reset the cafeteria for dinner)
HOPE Community Homeless Shelter Cafeteria
2729 W Pensacola St
At both HOPE and Boys & Girls Club, we’ll be purging unusable items & fabric, and organizing. At the end of our work days we’ll need volunteers to haul unwanted items to Goodwill.
I need a volunteer or two with good organizational skills to keep our closet and storage areas (at HOPE and Boys & Girls) organized and clean. You can work any hours the facilities are open. I will provide training and guidance.
Personal Challenge – Judy Rainbrook has suggested that we each sew a handmade name tag for ourselves. There’s no rule about the size or style. One Quilters Unlimited member has a name badge the size of a salad plate. That sure makes it easier to read.
Speaking of Quilter’s Unlimited, they’re asking Sit & Stitch groups to provide the door prizes this year. The QU members have been very supportive of Sew for HOPE and have completed many of our UFO’s. So, I’ll be collecting quality items that quilters love. They want the value of our “door prize basket” to be between $20 and $50. If you have an item to donate, please bring it to any Sew for HOPE meeting between January and July. We do not have to provide the actual basket, just the stuff.
That’s it for now. If you have any questions, please go to our website, or send me an email.
Thanks for all you do,
Cynthia Seyler
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