Workday schedule for December and January

We are canceling the Tuesday, October 14th workday at HOPE Community because all our major players either have to work or are out of town. Furthermore, since our work space at ARTS After School is so perfect, we are discontinuing our Tuesday meetings at HOPE Community. We have ample fabric and supplies at ARTS, so if there are any church sewing groups, teachers, or “other interested folk” who want the fabric and/or supplies we have at HOPE Community please let us know. We do have a Feather Weight Sewing Machine that is going with us to ARTS that we cannot give away.

Judy Rainbrook has volunteered to deliver our handmade quilts and afghans to HOPE Community once a month. Thank you Judy.

Upcoming Saturday Play Day Schedule (because we have so much fun it feels like play)

Oct 18, 2014

Nov 15

Dec 6

Jan 10, 2015

Jan 24

*9-3 with lunch from 11:30ish – 12:30ish

ARTS After School, 2743 Capitol Cr NE, Ste 105 & 106 in the Esposito’s Strip Center

*There are several cafe’s in the Esposito’s Center. If you bring a brown bag lunch, please be aware that we do not have access to a refrigerator.


Standard Quilt Sizes

  • Twin – 68″ x 86″

  • Crib & Toddler – 28″ x 44″

  • Bassinet – 15″ x 30″

  • Pre-K Nap-Time Coverlets – 36″ x 50″

These dimensions now have their own page listed in “Pages” on the left sidebar.


Sew for Hope Workday Schedule: Sept and Oct

The Summer heat has enveloped us in sweaty humidity . . . let’s stay inside and sew. Furthermore, let’s get ready for Winter at the homeless shelter and make blankets for our precious Tallahassee kids whose parents are struggling to keep them comfortable at night.
“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”  Matthew 25-40
Upcoming Work Days
We are meeting next . . . 
Saturday, August 23, 2014
9-3 (lunch break from 11:30-12:30)
ARTS After School
2743 Capitol Cr NE (in the Esposito’s Strip Center)
We’re having a play day and machine stitching scrappy “no-stress” blocks. We also have a large quilt to hand tie, and Cynthia needs to put together a few kits to take to the Quilter’s Unlimited Guild meetings.
Saturday, September 6
same as above
Tuesday, September 9
HOPE Community (inside the cafeteria)
2729 W Pensacola St
We’ll be working on hand-tying a quilt or two
Saturday, September 20
Saturday, October 4
We meet only this one Saturday in October
Tuesday, October 14
@ HOPE Community
Wish list - 
  • Cotton batting, new cotton thread in kid friendly colors
  • Cotton quilt batting in all sizes
  • New cotton sewing thread, especially white, beige, and pastel colors
  • Helping hands
  • Soft Yarn in sweet or fun colors for babies and kids
  • Quilting (bent) safety pins, especially large size
Thanks for all you do,
Cynthia Seyler, Founder
Sew for HOPE

June-July Shedule and activity update

We still have many boxes of fabric to unpack, so we’re not quite settled in yet. However we just had another sewing meet this past Saturday, and it sure was fun. We laughed and joked while playing with donated quilt blocks and quilt tops, selecting fabrics to coordinate with those, ironing, and stitching that fabric together into something beautiful. It’s our goal to get those quilts completed and in the hands of precious children staying at the HOPE Community Homeless Shelter here in Tallahassee.

To date we’ve donated 1101 blankets to HOPE Community. Of those blankets, 578 were handmade quilts and 197 were knitted or crocheted afghans. The rest were simple fleece blankets, tiny receiving blankets, purchased or used blankets.

Back to our meeting this past Saturday — Lucy, with the PAEC Program came and picked up the 45 nap-time coverlets and 16 infant quilts we completed for the Migrant Farm Worker Day Care Program. We’ve made a commitment to provide the blankets for this program again next summer and we’ll put the specs on our website for anyone interested in making one or more. A big thank you to Annette for heading up the project this year and for making all 16 infant quilts.

Upcoming Work Days

Tue, June 10, 2014,  1 – 4:30

HOPE Community Cafeteria

2729 W Pensacola St

We’ll be working on quilting a couple of quilts with the simple hand-tying method. We’ll also be delivering many hand-made quilts and blankets to the shelter at this meeting. Our volunteers are the best. Also Quilter’s Unlimited and American Sewing Guild members have been very generous with their time and talent. If you’d like to see some of this handiwork, please stop by.

Sat, June 21, 9 – 3

lunch from 11:30 – 12:30 (we do not have access to a microwave or fridge)

ARTS After School

2743 Capitol Circle NE (Esposito’s Center)

Ste 105 & 106

Our goal is to take donated fabric and create blankets for local children who just happen to be in need. Our secondary goal is to be kind to one another, and have as much fun as we had last time.

We will not be meeting at ARTS the first Saturday in July because that’s Independence Day Weekend.

Tue, July 8, 1 – 4:30

HOPE Community Cafeteria

(please see above)

We will try to always have a quilt spread out on the table that needs to be tied.

Sat, July 19

ARTS After School

(please see above)

Sat, Aug 2

ARTS After School

Tue, Aug 12

HOPE Community Cafeteria

May Work Schedule

We had a workday this last Saturday, May 3 at ARTS after School.  We will still be working on the Pre-K nap-time coverlets for the PAEC Migrant Farm Worker Summer Day Care Program.

Our commitment is 45 coverlets and we’re nearing the mark. We have only two Saturday workdays and limited supplies left to complete this project. We’re doing simple straight line sewing and Annette is doing the fabric selections. Part of our challenge has been to find soft fabrics that coordinate. Since we’re working with donated fabric, it’s not easy to find coordinates in our stash.  If you have any unwanted flannel fabric laying around your house, we’d love to have it. We especially need yardage in solid colors, and (because of our looming deadline) it needs to have been laundered.

If you made coverlets at home, please bring them Saturday, May 24th at ARTS After School.  If you have any fabric or uncompleted coverlets, please bring them also. If you cannot make it this Saturday but have coverlets to turn in, please let me know so that they can be counted.


Tuesday, May 13

HOPE Community Cafeteria

2729 W Pensacola St

1 – 4:30

We will continue work on the PAEC coverlets


Saturday, May 24

ARTS After School

2743 Capitol Circle NE

9 – 3

We will continue work on the PAEC coverlets


Saturday, June 7

ARTS After School

9 – 3


Tuesday, June 10

HOPE Community Cafeteria

1 – 4:30

Thanks for all you do.